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Two new books in 2023! A novel,  and a textbook, co-authored with Susan Steffel, entitled EMPOWERING LEARNERS: Teaching Different Genres and Texts to Diverse Student Bodies!  In 2023, THREE, TWO, ONE: Time to Run? proved to be a winner as the sequel to TWO, ONE...NOW THREE: How Can That Be?  Click on the link below and hear a reading from this new book.


Some compose to share ideas and experiences with others. Others compose writing to process their thinking. Many write to be published but are not sure what steps to take from the drafting of a manuscript to formatting it for printing and distribution to readers. That's where a coach comes in to assist with creating articles, devotionals, novels, memoirs, children's books, textbooks, and more. I've written and published in multiple genres, too.

As a coach, I can guide you through the process of adapting and revising your drafts to get your message across to your target audience. Once you've answered some basic questions about the purpose of your writing and the audience to whom you are speaking, I provide feedback during online or in-person coaching sessions or in writing utilizing inserted comments on your draft.

For those interested in self-publishing, I assist with selecting graphics, formatting, and suggesting alternative publishing platforms. The final decisions are yours, the author.

Interested in learning more? Complete the questionnaire and this link opens in a new window. I will contact you to arrange and time and place to meet and discuss your personal goals for writing. I look forward to the opportunity to walk with you through the process of preparing your manuscript for publication.

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