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RAINBOW REMINDERS: What the Colors Tell Us is a family book.  The manuscript includes a poem I wrote and photos and pictures by Nancy White.

This is a collaborative book published by JATNE PUBLISHING whose CEO is Dr. Annette West, a sister I met online who invited me to contribute to some of her books and who has hired me to serve as coach and editor for some of her publications.  Preparing and publishing books myself help keep me up to do on the entire writing process from the idea to the printed book.  

So, consider my services when you're read to write and publish.  I know the ropes and can help keep you from getting entangled in them.

Kendra McNeil's bookstore WE ARE LIT is the place to start when you're looking for quality books.  She carries all my books and that shows how selective she is about her inventory.

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Kendra McNeil regularly exhibits at local and regional pop-ups and therefore has the opportunity to get our books out into a public that may not know about our books without seeing them at a WE ARE LIT booth.
Kendra McNeil also sells at the Grand Rapids African-American Museum and Archive.

So, wanna sell your books?  Contract with Kendra McNeil.  She's the person for getting the word out there!

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