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A memoir centers around a moment or event that is life-changing and significant. Its purpose is NOT to provide the reader with a detailed list of WHAT happened. Memoirs focus on HOW the author felt about the moment. They rely heavily on reflection and the significance of the event. Remember that a narrative is written from the writer's perspective and about how life is different because of a moment.

Prepare to tell your story by writing about 25-45 minutes answering each question, describing, recreating scenes for the reader. Yes, that’s 15-20 minutes for each question.  This will encourage you to think past a list and recall details that pull your reader into the story or this period of your life.

It doesn’t matter the order in which you write them.  For now, they are rough drafts.  

Once the pieces are “cut” we will assemble to quilt or mosaic that evokes the emotions and an opportunity for readers to gain insight that will increase their faith should they have or know someone having similar experiences.

Who are you?
What happened?
When did it happen?
Where did it happen?
Why did it happen?
How did you feel while it was happening?
How do you feel now that you reflect on this momentous event?

Most important to consider and most difficult to articulate.

So what?  Why should the reader care?


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